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To insert the Adsense code into the header:
1) Go to Administrator Control Panel.
2) Go to the Styles Section.
3) Go to the Templates Section.
4) If your theme is Pro Silver, click on the ‘Edit’ Link of prosilver.
5) Open the overall_header.html file.
6) Go to the end of File and add your Adsense code here. This will insert the Adsense code on the top of forum.

To insert the adsense code into the Footer
1) Open the overall_footer.html file.
2) After first line, insert your adsense code. This will insert adsense code into the footer of your forum.

To insert the adsense code into the fist post of a topic

open viewtopic_body.html and search for the following line:

After the following line:


Add the following:


After following Line:


Add the following: